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Non-IBR Water Tube Boiler

Fully Automatic oil/Gas Fired Water Tube Boiler.
High thermal efficiency of 84+2% based on (GVC) Low Stack Temperature.
Unitized Models for quick installation and easy operation. Conveniently located controls ensure immediate fault location .
Designed for dependable performance: multi –pass heat exchanger tubes, ample heating surface , generous furnace volume and low heat Flux.
Steaming within 2to3 minutes of start-up.
Fully automatic pressure jet type compact boneblack burner, with a swivel flange for easy maintenance. Positive safety against no/low feed water.
Extra Economizer is provided.
Outside boiler Act: But Designed for industrial application.


415v, 50C/s, 3 phase, 4 wire AC supply to be provided Electrical load appromixately 1.70 KW for all models Using Lights diesel oil. For furnace oil operational 3 KW electrical heater Provided with Auto-start-stop.

Fuel Oil

Light diesel oil, LS-300 to LS-500 can on LDO.

Floor Space

4X1.0 m (approx) In view of your constant Endeavour to improve the design and performance of your products, We reserve the right to change specification without prior notice.

Model Steam Output Equivalent Evaporation Max. Working Pressure Steam Temperature Approxal DoFuel Consumption
Ls-100 100 Kg/hr 117 Kg/hr 15 Kg/Cm 200.4'c 7 Kg/Hr.
Ls-150 150 Kg/hr 175 Kg/hr 15 Kg/Cm 200.4'c 11 Kg/Hr.
Ls-200 200 Kg/hr 235 Kg/hr 15 Kg/Cm 200.4'c 14 Kg/Hr.
Ls-300 300 Kg/hr 350 Kg/hr 15 Kg/Cm 200.4'c 21 Kg/Hr.
Ls-400 400 Kg/hr 470 Kg/hr 15 Kg/Cm 200.4'c 28 Kg/Hr.
Ls-500 500 Kg/hr 580 Kg/hr 15 Kg/Cm 200.4'c 35 Kg/Hr.
Ls-600 600 Kg/hr 680 Kg/hr 15 Kg/Cm 200.4'c 38 Kg/Hr.
Ls-700 700 Kg/hr 780 Kg/hr 15 Kg/Cm 200.4'c 43 Kg/Hr.


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